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Long-term Clinical and Angiographic Follow-up Results of Multi-link Coronary Stent Implantations [Turk Kardiyol Dern Ars]
Turk Kardiyol Dern Ars. 2001; 29(10): 612-618

Long-term Clinical and Angiographic Follow-up Results of Multi-link Coronary Stent Implantations

Kenan SÖNMEZ1, Fikret TURAN1, Murat GENÇBAY1, Muzaffer DEĞERTEKİN1, Nilüfer Ekşi DURAN1

The ACS Multi-link (ML) intracoronary s ıe nt is a second generation, balloon expandable stainl ess steel stent des igneel to avoid the negative features of c urrently available stents. The largest amount of information available on the long te rm o uıcome of coronary stenting is based on the use of Palmaz-Schatz stent. Less data exist on long-term fo llow-up results of Multi-link coronary stent implantations. We present the long-term (>3 years) elinical anel angiographic fo llow-up results of the ACS Multilink coronary stents implanted in our institution. From May 1996 to December J 997 a total number of 125 patients underwent 133 coronary ML stent implantations. Stented vessels were: 49% LAD, 3 1% RCA, 20% Cx coronary a ıte ı-y. lndications fot stent inıp l a ntati on were elective in 64%, s ub opt inıa l resul ı in 26%, bailout in 10% of patients. The mean reference diameter of stented vessels was 3.2 ± 0.2 mm. The m ean percentage stenosis w as 80± 1 1% and 3±5 % before anel after stenı iınplanı aı i on , respecti vely. Lo ng-terın elinical fo llow-up was completed in 75% (80 nıale, nıean age 53±10) of the patients (eitlıer by interview or phone), and ang iographic fol low-up (37± 12 ın on th s) was coınpl eted in 58% of the patients. The re was no baseline elinical and ang iographic differences between angiographicall y checkeel and the reınainin g paıi ents . Angiographic restenesis (>50% d i ameıer stenos is) was d etected in 22% of stents. Target les ion revascul arisation was 12%, non-targer lesion revascularisation was 14% in ang iographi cally followed pts. During follow-up period d eaılı and new MI occurred in 12% and 6% of paı ienıs, respectively, and survival rate was 88%. Our study provides long-terın fo llow-up results of intracoronary Multi-link stent iınp l a ntations for native coronary arterylesions. Our data show that elinical and angiographic benefit of ML stents is comparable to the first generatian stents especially to the Palmaz-Schatz stents of which res ults have been reported prev iously. An important rate of non target lesion revascularisation occurs during followup period.

Keywords: Multi-link stent, el inical fol low-up, angiographic follow-up

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