Coronary risk factors in young and healthy Turkish males: a cross-sectional analysis [Turk Kardiyol Dern Ars]
Turk Kardiyol Dern Ars. 2005; 33(2): 96-103

Coronary risk factors in young and healthy Turkish males: a cross-sectional analysis

Cem Barçın1, Serkan Tapan2, Hürkan Kurşaklıoğlu3, Atila İyisoy3, Sedat Köse3, Selim Kılıç4, Ersoy Işık3

We determined coronary risk factors in a homogeneous population of young, healthy Turkish men having regular exercise and the same diet, and compared our results with those reported in the cohort study of TEKHARF.
A total of 1,173 young men (mean age 21.4± 1.5 years) attending a military school were examined. All the subjects were living under similar conditions including diet (4000-4500 kcal/day) and exercise (at least 1 hour daily). Venous blood samples were collected after a 12-hour fasting. Arterial blood pressures, waist and hip circumferences were measured. Current smokers were divided into three groups (<10, 11 to 20, and >20 cigarettes daily). The results were evaluated according to the seven geographical regions of Turkey, from which the participants were collected.
The mean values obtained were as follows: total cholesterol 149±26 mg/dl, LDL-cholesterol 85±23 mg/dl, HDL-cholesterol 48±9 mg/dl, triglyceride 80±31 mg/dl, fasting blood glucose 86±8 mg/dl, systolic arterial pressure 107±11 mmHg, diastolic arterial pressure 68±9, body mass index 22.2±1.6 kg/m2, and waist circumference 77±5 cm. Smokers accounted for 39.8% (n=467). Fasting blood glucose was the only significant parameter between the seven geographical regions. None of the subjects was hypertensive. Metabolic syndrome was detected in one case. Eight individuals (0.7%) had an LDL level exceeding 160 mg/dl. HDL cholesterol differed significantly between smokers and nonsmokers. Linear regression analysis showed that smoking, serum triglyceride, and total cholesterol were significant predictors for HDL cholesterol.
Our data suggest that Turkish men who are engaged in regular exercises and do not have obesity or hypertension starts adulthood with a very favorable coronary risk profile.

Keywords: Cardiovascular diseases/blood//epidemiology; lipids/ blood; lipoproteins, HDL cholesterol/blood; risk factors; triglycerides/blood; Turkey/epidemiology

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