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New Mathematical Models to Estimate Aortic Valve Area by Echocardiography [Turk Kardiyol Dern Ars]
Turk Kardiyol Dern Ars. 2000; 28(3): 180-185

New Mathematical Models to Estimate Aortic Valve Area by Echocardiography

Hakan KARPUZ1, Xavier JEANRENAUD2, Mahmut ÖZŞAHİN2, JeanJacques GOY2, Lukas KAPPENBERGER2

Different parameters were proposed for noninvasive esrimation of aortic stenosis by means of echocardiography. The purpose of this prospective study was, using the Doppler velocity index (DVI), the fractional shortening velocity ratio (FSVR), and the left ventricular ejection time dif ference (L VETD), to predict the aortic va! ve area (AVA) values obtained during cardiac catheterization (CC) using the Gerlin formula. Methods and results: Patients in whom these parameters could not be calculated, or aortic valve could not be passed th rough during CC were excluded from this study. Forty-three patients (8 women; mean age 63 ± 13 years), hospitalized for aortic stenosis suspicion, were included. All the parameters were calculated in all the patients by the same physician without knowledge of cardiac catheterization results. Linear (simple or multiple linear) regression analyses were done for each these paraıneters : AVA = 1.8 1[0VI] + 0.06 (pDVI < O.OOOOı ); 0.45[FSVR] + 0 . 19 (pFSVR < 0.00001 ); Tiirk Kardiyol Dem Arş 2000; 28: 142-145 0.81[LVETD] + 0.46 (pLVETD = 0.02); 0.84[DVI] + 0.30[FSVR] + 0.098 (pDVI = 0.08; pFSVR = 0.009); 1.67[DVI] - 0.33[LVETD] + O. 10 (pDVI = 0.001; pLVETD = 0.28); 0.42[FSVR] 0.47[LVETD] + 0.23 (pFSVR < 0.00001; pLVETD = 0.08); 0.65[DVI] + 0.31[FSVR]- 0.37[LVETD] + 0.15 (pDVI = 0.19; pFSVR = 0.007; pLVETD = 0.19).
This prospective study concludes that the Doppler velocity index (DVI) and/or the frac~ tional shortening velocity ratio (FSVR) alone, or combined to left ventricular ejection time (L VETD) are strongly correlated with the aortic valve area calculated during cardiac catheterization using the Gorlin formula.

Keywords: Aortic stenosis, Doppler velocity index, fractional shortening velocity ratio, left ventricular ejection time difference, echocardiography

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Hakan KARPUZ, Xavier JEANRENAUD, Mahmut ÖZŞAHİN, JeanJacques GOY, Lukas KAPPENBERGER. New Mathematical Models to Estimate Aortic Valve Area by Echocardiography. Turk Kardiyol Dern Ars. 2000; 28(3): 180-185
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