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Lipoprotein(a) and Lipid Peroxide Levels in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease [Turk Kardiyol Dern Ars]
Turk Kardiyol Dern Ars. 1999; 27(1): 26-30

Lipoprotein(a) and Lipid Peroxide Levels in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease


In this study, we have determined lipoprotein(a) [Lp(a)] and malondialdehyde (MDA) (a marker of lipid peroxides) levels in patients with eoronary artery disease (CAD) and sought to find an association between CAD and these parameters. The study group was composed of 86 phatients (3 I women, 55 man, mean age 57 ± ıo years) who underwent eoronary angiography. The latter revealed CAD in 62 patients (CAD +) while 24 patients were found to have normal eoronary arteries (CAD-). There were no s ignifieant differenees between the two groups with regard to total eholesterol, triglyceride, HDL-and LDL-eholesterol levels. Lp(a) (37.9 ± 29.5 mg/d! vs 22.3 ± 21.3 mg/di, p=0.008) and MDA (1.58 ± 0.47 mmol/ml vs 1.26 ± 0.38 mmol/ml, p=0.002) levels were signifıeantly higher in patients with CAD. However, we failed to demonstrate a good eorrelation betwecn Lp(a) and MDA levels both in patients with and without CAD (r=0.219, p=0.09). Total e hoıestero ı and MDA levels of patients with diabetes mellitus were significantly higher than those of patients without diabetes (233 ± 47 mg/d! vs 205 ± 55 mg/di, p=0.03; ı .85 ± 0.51 mmol/ml vs ı .37 ± 0.37 mmol/ml, p=0.006; respeetively). Lp(a) levels were also higher in diabetie patients but the difference did not reach signifıcanee. A eorrelation betwecn Lp(a) and· MDA levels did not exist in patients with diabetes (r=0.08, p=0.34). LP(a) levels of diabetic patients with CAD were signifieantly higher than those of diabetie patients with normal coronary arteries (47.9 ± 32.4 mg/di vs 16±3.1 mg/di, p=0.0009). However MDA levels of diabetic patients were not significantly increased in the presence of CAD. Lp(a) and MDA levels were also poorly correlated in diabetic patients with CAD (r=0.02, p=0.29). In conclusion, Lp(a) and MDA levels were shown to be higher in patients with CAD than the patients with normal coronary arteries. Atherogenic characteristics of LP(a) seem to be more important than MDA in diabetic patients with CAD.

Keywords: Coronary artery disease, lipid peroxides, lipoprotein(a)

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Önder KIRIMLI, Sema GÜNERİ, Hülya ÖZTÜRE, Ozan KINAY, Cem NAZLI, Banu ÖNVURAL. Lipoprotein(a) and Lipid Peroxide Levels in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease. Turk Kardiyol Dern Ars. 1999; 27(1): 26-30
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