Gold-tip versus Contact-Sensed Catheter for Cavotricuspid Isthmus Ablation: A Comparative Study [Turk Kardiyol Dern Ars]
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Gold-tip versus Contact-Sensed Catheter for Cavotricuspid Isthmus Ablation: A Comparative Study

Enes Elvin Gül, Usama Boles, Sohaib Haseeb, Sanoj Chacko, Chris Simpson, Hoshiar Abdollah, Kevin Michael, Adrian Baranchuk, Damian Redfearn, Benedict Glover
Heart Rhythm Service, Kingston General Hospital, Queen’s University, Kingston, ON, Canada

There is no strong evidence that the use of contact force (CF) has any impact on procedural duration or acute success in the management of cavotricuspid isthmus (CTI) dependent AFL. We aimed to compare acute procedural parameters using a non-CF gold-tip irrigated catheter to a CF-sensed catheter in patients with AFL.

A retrospective cohort study enrolling consecutive patients for typical AFL catheter ablation, separated by the use of either a Gold-tip or CF catheter. The procedural parameters obtained were: time to achieve bidirectional block, time to terminate AFL, total RF application duration, procedure duration, fluoroscopy time, acute reconnection within 20 minutes following the last RF application, and procedural complications.

Of the 40 patients screened, 37 were included in the study. The use of gold-tip catheters was associated with a shorter time to achieve bidirectional block (median time 20.0 min (Inter-quartile Range [IQR] 12.0 – 28.0 min)) compared with a median time of 36.0 min (IQR 12.0–53.0 min; p=0.048). Furthermore, there was a trend towards reduced procedural duration in favor of the gold-tip catheter (Gold-tip 74.0 min (IQR 57.0–84.0 min); CF 85.0 (IQR 57.0–107.0 min), p=0.171). A greater requirement for the use of long sheaths was observed in cases where the CF catheter was employed for the procedure (CF 11 (57.9 %); non-CF 1 (5.6 %), p=0.005).

The time taken to achieve bidirectional block was shorter using a Gold-tip catheter with a lower requirement for the use of a long sheath.

Keywords: Atrial flutter, catheter ablation, contact-force, gold-tip catheter.

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